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Odinic Rite Vinland

The Odinic Rite Vinland, under the leadership of Osferth OR(V), has issued the following News Release:

For those who are confused about the connection between the Odinic Rite Vinland and the Odinic Rite (BCM Runic, London WC1N 3XX, UK), it is best explained as follows. The OR(V) is a fully authorised section of the Odinic Rite and recognises the Court of Gothar and its Director, Heimgest, as the supreme governing authority for administrating the discipline and all other matters whatever pertaining to the Odinic Rite. To paraphrase Heimgest, "The movement is like a tree. The Odinic Rite is the 'trunk', the National Sections (Odinic Rite Vinland, France and Deutschland) are its 'branches' and the Regional Sections (e.g. NW England OR) are its 'twigs'."

The OR(V) is now publishing various OR materials for Vinland Odinists. The first such offering, 'The Book of Blotar of the Odinic Rite' is now available. It contains the twelve major monthly rituals as well as Rites of Passage, a Healing Blot, Sword Naming, Land Reclamation, Banner Consecration, short invocations, daily rituals etc. It also contains an in-depth explanation of need and purpose of ritual, regalia etc. A magnificent book in terms of content and production and hailed worldwide as a major contribution to modern Odinism. The cost is $US12, which includes postage and packing. Please make cheques payable to 'Odinic Rite Vinland' and snail-post them to the address below.

Other offerings will be announced as they are produced. Plans are to publish all issues of the OR yearly book 'North Wind', as well as 'Odinic Mythology' by the Circle of Ostara OR (which is going to revolutionise the way Odinists view their religion). We also currently produce ORBriefing (ORB) for Professed Members and Apprentices of the OR(V), as well as the yearly OR guide 'Rimstock' (for Members and Apprentices as well).

Other noteworthy news includes the appointment of Wulfgaest AOR(V) as Information Officer OR(V). He is now officially responsible for answering questions pertaining to the OR(V) on the various public internet lists (Asatru-list, alt.religion.asatru etc), and can be emailed for general queries.

We have also started a free internet list for Members and Apprentices of the OR(V), which each new Apprentice with email access will have the opportunity to join. This allows all members to communicate with one another and will ultimately lead to more social interaction amongst members.

Faith, Folk, Family!

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