Nôrdfolk Ásatrú Free Kindred

A family-oriented Ásatrú free kindred, the Nôrdfolk have assembled to collectively fulfill our vital obligations to our Gods and Goddesses, the Æsir and Vanir, to make ourselves worthy of them, a praise to our ancestors, and a dynamic agency for the betterment of our community. We espouse the once-common cultural mores embodied for us in the Nine Noble Virtues:

courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self-reliance and perseverance.

The Nôrdfolk stand a stalwart gard of traditional principles within which all drawn to walk dauntlessly the path of the North are welcome companions.

We are not a proselytizing community; it is our acute experience that the trials, responsibilities and passions of the Northern Path are not for all! Though within the rich, vast treasure-horde of Nerthus (our Earth Mother) there lie ores, minerals and gems uncounted, each worthy and valuable in its own right, suitable to its own purposes, rare indeed are they which respond to the magnetic call to the North. In like manner it is no mere accident that there live in each era those few stalwart individuals who, possessed of an analogous affinity within their souls, find themselves compelled --- drawn --- to walk the Way of the North:

As by the sight of Odinn's Eye
the Steersman stays on course,
as oft the Iron deep inside
demands we venture forth
our lodestone's unrelenting cry
is ever "Further North!"

We recognize and unyieldingly support for all their right to relate to their dieties as they deem fit (insofar as it does not unduly interfere with the like perogative of others) and therefore justly claim this same liberty as our own.

The Nôrdfolk resolutely promote:

Should the reverberating challenge of the howling North Wind resound deep within your soul, should the passion to meet the ordeal of these times in a manner worthy of your noble ancestors rage fiercely through your veins, and should you seek the frith and friendship of like-minded others, then come, Wayfarer --- be welcome; warm yourself at our hearth-fire, drink with us the goodly horn of hospitality, and know that gathered in the Nôrdfolk are companions, hearty, tried and true, with whom to stand the vigil proudly beside our honored allies the Æsir and Vanir.

P.O. Box 7397
Hampton, VA. 23666-0397

(757) 986-3845

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