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Althing 2018 - Thursday, October 11 through Sunday, October 14, 2018. Moran State Park, Orcas Island, WA The Althing is an annual gathering sponsored by the Irminsul Ættir to celebrate the traditions of the Old Norse and Germanic people. The event is open to all who wish to participate in frið and goodwill. Come explore the mysteries and magic of the runes and seið, participate in rituals and rites honoring the Norse/Germanic gods, learn new skills and meet new people as we celebrate Winterfinding with traditional harvest feasting, sumble, workshops, an auction and many other activities. more...
Varthing: A Celebration of the First Day of Summer 2018 - Celebrate the First Day of Summer with Várblót and traditional activities. Explore the mysteries, magic, tradition and folklore as well as participate in rituals and rites honoring the Norse/Germanic gods. We will be holding an egg decorating contest and our annual egg hunt and games for children of all ages on Saturday. This year the event has been expanded, starting Thursday evening and running until Sunday morning for a full extra day of activities and discussions. more...

Resan till Urds brunn - Well of Wyrd visualization by Susan Granquist. Swedish translation by Susanna Broome. more...

GardenStone - Site about paganism, magick and divination, incl. wicca, asatru and ritual magic. There's an english, a german and a dutch section. go...

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