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The Religion of Asatru
The Religion of Asatru
Our intention is to present as broad a picture of ┴satr˙ as possible, as a religion and a community of diverse viewpoints and interests. Inclusion here does not necessarily imply a recommendation for any particular view, organization, or individual. Please be aware that ┴satr˙ is represented in Role-Playing Games such as "MAGE: The Ascension" but they have no bearing on the reality of the religion or actual practice of ┴satr˙.

Some Odinists consider themselves to be ┴satr˙, while others do not, nor are all ┴satr˙ar Odinists. ┴satr˙ is a polytheistic religion and the gods and/or goddesses that one chooses to worship or dedicate to among the Elder gods is a matter of individual choice and conscience. Odinism is included in the presentation of ┴satr˙ although not considered to be exactly the same thing. Heathen is another term that you will come across and refers to religious groups which are based on Northern European pre-Christian Pagan beliefs while Paganism is an even more general term.

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