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About the Web Page

The Irminsul Ăttir pages are a cooperative effort by members of the Ăttir as a service to the ┴satr˙ community and the general public.

Susan Granquist is the chief executive officer of the Irminsul Ăttir, and provides editorial guidance. Susan is also the chief graphic designer for the web pages.

Mike Mohilo, the Webmaster of the Ăttir, provides the technical expertise necessary to make this page possible. The various sections of the Irminsul Ăttir pages are managed under his direction to distribute the responsiblities of maintaining a page that continues to grow to meet new challenges and needs.

All material on this site is copyright by the contributing authors or, unless otherwise noted, by the Irminsul Ăttir.

We welcome suggestions for improvement and requests for links to appropriate pages.

Contact Us

We can be contacted by mail at the address below:
Irminsul Ăttir

P.O. Box 43

Renton, WA 98057

Inquiries about ┴satr˙ or the Irminsul Ăttir can be emailed to Requests concerning material on this web site should be sent to Updates are made approximately once a month so you may not see changes you have requested right away.

Unfortunately, email is becoming a less reliable form of communication these days. For every single legitimate message we receive, we typically get thousands more that are spam. The spam filtering on our internet service provider blocks most of it, but it also occasionally blocks legitimate email as well. If you are unable to reach us through email, you may use the form below to contact us instead:

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The contents and structure of this site are constantly changing, however, the following URL's are permanent and can be safely bookmarked:
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We rate the content on our pages with the Internet Content Rating Association rating system. We strive to maintain a family friendly site that is suitable for all ages. Although we can not control the content of other sites which we link to, it is our policy not to link to any material which promotes hate, violence, or criminal activity. Similarly, we do not pre-screen material posted to message areas on this site, but will remove any material which violates this policy as we become aware of it. If you believe a site we have linked is promoting such activities, or if you believe any material hosted on this site has not been rated correctly, please contact and we will handle the matter as quickly as possible.

Irminsul Ăttir Last updated in April 2008.