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Asatru on the WWW
Asatru on the WWW
Our intention is to present as broad a picture of ┴satr˙ as possible, as a religion and a growing community of diverse viewpoints and interests. Inclusion here does not imply a recommendation for any particular view, organization, kindred, or individual. We feel that individuals should make their own determinations of how to meet their spiritual needs and choose associations that reflect those needs. ┴satr˙ is a religion and spiritual discipline reflecting the pre-Christian Northern European world view and not a political or social movement. For those seeking further information about or contact with the ┴satr˙ community we also sponsor a mailing list.

To find a kindred, group or organization near you check the ┴satr˙ Worldwide Index.

Information on ┴satr˙ can also be found with these search engines:

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