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Irminsul Ăttir
Irminsul Ăttir
Irminsul Ăttir
The Irminsul Ăttir is an ┴satr˙ church organization, a voluntary association of ┴satr˙ar to practice the religion, facilitate networking, sharing of resources, developing educational material and programs, fostering cooperation and the promotion of ┴satr˙. We recognize the strength of ┴satr˙ to be in its diversity and connections to the past and consider the individual and his or her family to be the most important unit of ┴satr˙ followed by extended family type organizations and associations such as kindreds. We believe that organizations should exist to support the growth of individuals in their faith and that leadership positions on any level should be a matter of responsibility, not priviledge.
"Organization is not a goal, but rather, the foundation for all future goals."

-- Stephanie Denton
As part of our commitment to developing inter-organizational cooperation, resource sharing, as well as providing support and educational opportunities to the ┴satr˙ community we sponsor a mailing list, the Irminsul Ăttir webpages, and other resources, as well as promoting and holding mootings, meetings and Things. A primary commitment to the Asatru and heathen community began with sponsoring a yearly Althing that is open to anyone to attend in frith.
The Irminsul Ăttir

P.O. Box 43

Renton, WA 98057

Irminsul Ăttir Last updated in November 2007.