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R is Old Norse for advice and counsel, (Old English rede, or rd). We find it used in the opening stanzas of the section of the Hvaml referred to as the Lay of Loddffnir. R was chosen as the name for a weekly series of short, topical articles. They are drawn from the Eddas, sagas, and lore of the Old Norse and Germanic people and offered for consideration, and contemplation. Besides being featured and archived here, the articles will be distributed weekly through an e-mail distribution list to individuals, lists the Irminsul ttir sponsors such as Asatru-L and newsgroups such as alt.religion.asatru. Contact to be added to the distribution list.

Volume 1

The Lay of Loddffnir

Ml er at ylja
It is time to recite
ular stli
from the sage's throne
Urar brunni
at Urr's well;
s ek ok agak
I saw and reflected,
s ek ok hugak
I listened to the speech of men,
hldda ek manna ml
I heard and learned about runes,
of rnar heyra ek dma
I heard and learned about runes,
n um rum gu
nor were they silent in counsels
Hva hllu at
at Har's hall
Hva hllu
in Har's hall
heyra ek segja sv
thus I heard it said
Rumk r Loddffnir
I advise you, Loddfafnir
en r nemir
to take advice;
njta mundu ef nemr
you would benefit, if you took it
r munu g ef getr
good will come to you, if you accept it

* Sean Miller's translation:

2001 Susan Granquist - Published by the Irminsul ttir - All rights reserved.
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